Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Offshore Outsourcing Destination

Amidst all the benefits promised by outsourcing are a vast of choices and factors that need to be considered first before engaging into any outsourcing process. One of these considerations would be the country where the projects would be assigned to. Almost any country now, especially in Asia has been investing on IT outsourcing, mainly because of the constant demand for cheap IT services. Apparently, most companies would truly consider outsourcing their tasks on offshore destinations in order to enjoy significant savings and at the same time more luxury of time.

Although the quality of service is still highly relative to the offshore company, the stability of the partnership and safety of the project will still depend on the general condition of the country where the company is located. Thus, several factors should keenly looked at before deciding that the company and the country is indeed the best choice.

  1. Currency Rate – the huge difference in currency rates of different countries is the main reason why some countries can afford to offer their services in very low rates. USA, Australia, and UK will definitely find the costs in India and Philippines cheap, and still pay the virtual assistants with more than enough salary.
  2. Government Support – this is crucial in determining the growth of outsourcing in that country. Some countries are lucky to have highly supportive government officials when it comes to IT development. However, there are also certain countries that have public officials who are resistant to the mere idea of outsourcing, for some reasons.
  3. Educational Institutions – every country has its trademark when it comes to the graduates they produce. For instance, graduates from India have been recognized for being competitive in software programming, while Filipino graduates are recognized for their English proficiency and programming skills, as well. These graduates will eventually make up the workplaces of offshore companies.
  4. National Safety – the progress of investments in the country will be partly determined by how attractive the country is for investors, including owners of offshore companies. Usually, these sort of companies still have its partner investor from a foreign country. If the country does not guarantee utmost safety, then it is also unlikely for your own project to be safe.
  5. National Support – finally and most importantly, choose a country where outsourcing isn’t seen as a threat by the citizens.