How to Get the Best Banners for Your Business Promotion

In principle, you want to get the best possible result for your ads. The fact is, you need a substantial amount of money to run a successful ad campaign, and for many start up businesses, that cash is not exactly easy to come by. So what do you do?

Here’s where custom banners come in

Custom banners beat newspaper ads any day of the week! They are less expensive, less laborious to get a hold of, and they give you a substantial amount of reach. Small businesses are looking for an option that prevents them from subsequently breaking out the bank just to get some publicity, well-this is it! You get great returns, and you get the best out of a tight budget.

How to get the best banners for your business

There are two main approaches here. You can go for an in-house solution, or you can opt for a professional. Both extremes have their perks, but in terms of value delivery, it is probably a better idea to see out the design and keep it in-house. This is mainly due to the fact that you and your ‘people’ have a more in-depth knowledge of what you want to communicate, and you know your company better. It is for this reason that you will have the rare ability to pull off a cool banner, and get the best results.

Outsourcing may work to some degree, considering you will be dealing with seasoned professionals, but on a long term scale, designing your own banner is the best way to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

In-house banner designing also exposes you to tons of newline technology. With various top class tools, you are allowed to experiment with many different designs, go crazy and come with something no one has ever seen before. This is a kind of value that lacks in many other types of advertizing.

How do banners compare to other modes of advertizing?

Many marketing tools pale in comparison to custom banners both in terms of efficacy and flexibility. You don’t really get much leeway with paper adverts, mainly because of the space and wording restrictions, so you have to be precise. Even when you put an ad on TV, you are still swinging for the fence based on the fact that you are playing by someone else’s rules. With banners, you get better versatility, more space to play with, and you get to play by your rules!!

There is also the pricing issue. Banners are cheaper, and they offer better longevity. This is evident based on the fact that you can use it for a long period of time without making any substantial changes to it. Other ads run a few times, and then they pale out and get redundant.


Custom banners give you a kind of utility value that is hard to match. With the right blend of tools, you can be well on your way to getting your start up company right up there with the best of them.