The Philippines – One Of The Best Offshore Outsource Solutions

If your company is currently in search of cost-cutting and productivity-enhancement solutions, outsourcing may just be the thing it will require. What exactly is outsourcing? Outsourcing refers to the process of hiring an individual or entity to handle one or more of the company’s business activities. Outsourcing is popularly referred to as Business Process Outsourcing or BPO.. In the early days of BPO, the commonly outsourced tasks were payroll, accounting and technical or customer call center support. Today, the BPO industry has grown to include other core and non-core tasks like inventory, logistics, financial analysis, medical and legal transcription, digital arts and animation, telemarketing and more. Let’s take a closer look at the many perks of outsourcing, and learn why the Philippines is one of the favorite offshore outsource solutions today.

What Are The Objectives Of Business Process Outsourcing?
The objectives of offshore outsource solutions are aplenty. First, it allows firms to reduce total overhead costs and enable them to significantly lessen overall workload as well. Second, since labor costs vary from one country to another, many Western firms, notably the Americans and Europeans, prefer to outsource jobs to developing nations, where labor costs are cheap and there’s lots of skilled talent. For example, a Los Angeles, California-based sports outfit manufacturer may wish to hire dedicated outsource staff from countries like India, Singapore or the Philippines, because daily wages are a fraction of those in the US.

According to outsourcing experts, there are two major types of BPO segments – Back Office and Front Office. The back office segment generally involves human resources, logistics, payroll and billing. The front office segment covers such aspects as inbound/outbound customer service and technical support, sales, marketing, advertising and promotions.

Why The Philippines Is a Favorite Offshore Outsource Solution
The Philippines, along with China, India and others, has become a major option for dedicated outsource staff. The Philippines has become a favorite BPO location because of its educated workforce and its large number of English-language speakers. There are currently hundreds of multinational companies operating in the country and providing a wide assortment of outsourcing solutions. While the growth of the BPO industry in the Philippines has largely been credited to the boom in call centers, the country now presents a wider array of outsourced services. A Philippines BPO service provider now offers web site development, medical transcription, search engine optimization, content development and more.

Other Advantages Of Outsourcing To The Philippines
For companies that are looking for dedicated outsourcing staff, a Philippines BPO service provider can offer a series of advantages. First, the country is strategically located in the heart of Asia, in the crossroads where east and west meet. Second, a Philippines BPO service provider can offer its clients a lucrative entry point to the thriving ASEAN region market, with its population of over 500 million people. Third, the Philippines also offers low housing, electricity, water and telecommunications costs.