Tips on How to Get the Best From Outsourcing

Outsourcing is becoming more common as communications and education improves in all parts of the world. This is forming an increasing pool of people who are available to work on projects from data entry to mobile app development or even scientific research. We have choice, a great deal of it in fact, but this also makes it very important to choose the right people. People who have the ability to deliver quality work and on time.

There are people who have expertise in almost any area you can imagine. This is one of the biggest advantages of outsourcing. While some people may look for certifications and training, particularly in very technical fields, I look at reviews, ratings and the number of completed jobs. I also need to know how well they communicate when I am searching for a new person or group to outsource a job to. The following article briefly describes some of the processes I go through to ensure I am getting the best from my outsourcing endeavors.

Building Contacts

One of the best ways to have a quality pool of people or team that you can turn to for projects is to use small jobs or parts of current projects. Send these out as test jobs to find professionals that can do acceptable work. This will quickly weed out those that are not committed or do not have the skills to do the job properly. This can cost a small amount of time and money but it will leave you with several choices when you need to have work done on your next project. With this pool of workers, if one is not available then you have options with others that you have already worked with.

Value and Price

One thing I have learnt when using outsourcing is that while price is important, concentrating on it to the exclusion of quality, reliability and integrity is a recipe for disaster. The huge influx of outsourcing workers from countries that have low wages has led to some people chasing lower and lower prices. Quality outsourced workers with skills and experience are not attracted to this end of the market. This makes it harder to get top quality work on schedule. It can be one of the hardest areas to get right and I can say from experience, if you are faced with a choice between a higher price with a team or contractor you know, or a lower price with a new face that promises everything, then price should not be the deciding factor.


Outsourcing requires very good communications particularly when your defining the goals of the project and explaining how you wish it to be carried out. Here are some tips that I use to keep on top of communications and ensure that information gets passed both ways efficiently.

  • When defining the project always remember, the information you give them is all they have. They know nothing about the project, the specific job and any special requirements except what you relate to them. I have made this mistake and when checking what I specified I realized that I knew what I wanted but had not given them the information. Luckily a quick update and they were able to deliver what I needed once they got the full picture.
  • Maintain regular contact so that you are aware of progress and any problems. This is vital because if you leave checking until the last minute you can get a nasty surprise. In a big project with many separate contractors it can be tempting to wait for problems to be brought to you but this can quickly drag the whole project down.
  • Try to have multiple ways of contacting the people you are outsourcing. I always try to have an email address, a chat program contact and a telephone number. This has saved my bacon a few times when a project has needed a drastic change or to be put on hold because I have been able to contact the person concerned immediately.

Learn By Doing

It is true that sometimes things do not work out and particularly when you are new to outsourcing it can be discouraging. I have talked to others that have had a bad experience and are reluctant to try again. This is understandable but in many cases they did not learn how to identify good contractors and had no experience on how to manage contractors effectively to obtain acceptable results.

Outsourcing can seem complicated but it is no more complicated than hiring a person to do a job and then supervising them so that it is completed to your satisfaction and on time. The best way to learn these skills is to hire contractors and use the information that is here to find the way that works for you.

Jumping in at the deep end might work for some but slowly finding a system that suits you as you learn the best way to make payments and set progress points is much more likely to succeed. Expanding your outsourcing can then happen quickly and without stress. Information is the key. I like to go into any venture well prepared and having the right information can be the difference between failing or success.